antique native american indian beaded hide Dress for sale, Yakima, plateau region, circa 1890, 19th century, glass trade beads, cowrie shells, blue, pink, red, yellow, green, fringe
circa 1890
hide with mixed media
48 x 45 x 1 inches
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Antique Beaded Hide Dress, Yakima, Plateau Region, Native American Indian, late 19th century, circa 1890. Traditional native-tanned hide dress is beaded across the top (yoke) in dark blue, red, green, cobalt blue, yellow, pink and Pony Trader blue glass trade beads. Ornamented with cowrie shells, and beaded fringe drops. The top, sides and bottom are fringed.

Custom wall-mount display stand is included. Overall dimensions (in inches) as shown on the stand measure 50 width x 45.5 length x 4 depth.

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