Rod Goebel, "Cloud Shadows Over Moreno Valley (California)", oil painting fine art for sale purchase buy sell auction consign denver colorado art gallery museum
Cloud Shadows Over Moreno Valley (New Mexico)
signed lower right, titled verso
20 x 29 ¾ inches
Reference: 24311
Vance Hall Kirkland, "No. 20", oil, 1963
No. 20 (Nebulae Abstraction), 1963
signed and dated upper left, titled verso
30 x 28 inches
Reference: 13589
Untitled (Landscape with Horses), circa 1940
signed lower left
18 1/4" x 25 3/4"
Reference: 10092
William Sanderson, "Homestead", oil, painting, landscape, Modernist, house, trees, clouds, trees, mountains, white, green, blue, Colorado 15, Fifteen Colorado Artists, Fine art, art, for sale, buy, purchase, Denver, Colorado, gallery, historic, antique, vintage, artwork, midcentury, modern
Homestead (Colorado)
signed lower left, signed and titled verso
11 ½ x 28 inches
Reference: 28267
William Sanderson, Vikings at Sea, oil painting, modern, colorado artist, boat, shield, cubist art for sale denver gallery
Untitled (Vikings at Sea)
signed lower left
19 x 19 ½ inches
Reference: 28142
Emil James Bisttram, "Untitled", charcoal, c. 1950
Untitled, circa 1950
signed lower right
13 ½ x 21 inches
Reference: 14773
William Sanderson, "Mechanized Civilization", acrylic, circa 1955, midcentury modern, oil painting for sale denver colorado art gallery
Mechanized Civilization, circa 1955
signed upper left
21 x 21 ½ inches
Reference: 28105
Francis Drexel Smith, "Untitled (Mountain Landscape, Colorado)", oil on canvas, c. 1935
Untitled (Mountain Landscape, Colorado), circa 1935
signed lower left
30 x 40 inches
Reference: 13135
Vance Hall Kirkland, "Central City, Colorado", watercolor on paper, c. 1934
Central City, Colorado, circa 1934
not signed - letter of authenticity included
17 ½ x 20 ¾ inches
Reference: 16263
Untitled (Trees, Colorado), 1934
signed and dated lower right
29 x 19 ½ inches
Reference: 19848
Ethel Magafan, "Hidden Meadow (Colorado Mountain Landscape)", semi-abstract landscape painting, tempera, 1979
Hidden Meadow (Colorado Mountain Landscape), 1979
signed lower right, dated and titled verso
19 x 27 inches
Reference: 25014
Charles Partridge Adams, "Untitled (Colorado Stream)", oil, c. 1920
Untitled (Colorado Stream), circa 1910
signed lower left
12 x 16 inches
Reference: 18138
John Fabian Carlson, "Pikes Peak (From Woodland Park)", oil, c. 1920
Pikes Peak (From Woodland Park), circa 1920
signed lower right
8 x 10 inches
Reference: 12115
Adma Green Kerr, "Untitled", oil for sale purchase consign auction denver Colorado art gallery museum
Untitled (Aspen Grove in Autumn)
signed lower right
32 x 39 inches
Reference: 21255
Mountain Anatomy, 1944
signed lower right
20 1/2" x 26 1/2"
Reference: 8721
Edward Goldman, "City Lights", acrylic, May 1974
City Lights, May 1974
signed and dated lower right
56 x 56 x 1 ¼ inches
Reference: 18338