John F. Carlson & Artists of the Broadmoor Academy

There is a rich tradition of painting in Colorado from Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Cole and Thomas Moran to the present day.  While many of these artists were visitors, others spent years and some a lifetime painting what they saw in this vast and extraordinary Land.

In 1919, the Broadmoor Art Academy was founded with a vision of creating a new art institution of national stature.  Art instructors and students alike brought their diverse styles and talents to Colorado, lured by the exquisite landscapes that only the west affords.  Although many of these artists have received wide acclaim for their efforts, the vast majority of Colorado painters have not yet been fully recognized by the art world.  We are pleased to share the inspiration and accomplishments of these fine artists in this catalogue.


Artists included:

Arnest, Bernard
Babcock, Dorothy
Barrett, Lawrence
Biddle, George
Blanch, Arnold
Bransby, Eric
Bransby, Mary Ann
Britton, Edgar
Bromberg, Manuel
Bunnell, Charles
Carlson, John F.
Chappell, Warren
Chavez, Eduardo (Edward Arcenio)
Davey, Randall
Dehn, Adolf
Dow, Jane (Mrs. Manuel Bromberg)
Dozier, Otis
Evett, Kenneth
Field, Laurence B.
Fiene, Ernest
Fredenthal, David
Gilpin, Laura
Haeberlin, Carolyn
Hagerman, Percy
Heller, Larry
Kuniyoshi, Yasuo
Lawson, Ernest
Lee, Doris
Lock, Charles
Lockwood, Ward
Magafan, Ethel
Magafan, Jenne
Mangravite, Peppino
Martyl (Suzanne Martyl Schweig Langsdorf)
McClymont, John
Mechau, Frank
Minewski, Alex
Minewski, Marion Miller
Moylan, Lloyd
Musick, Archie
Nash, Willard
Neal, Reginald
Parker, Paul
Parsons, Ernestine
Poor, Henry Varnum
Potter, William
Reid, Robert
Robinson, Boardman
Sandzen, Birger
Shane, Fred
Smith, Francis Drexel
Sumner, Donna
Tilley, Lew
Utley, Tabor
Vander Sluis, George
Versa, Verna Jean
Wagner, Morgan
Wiencek, Alicia