Broadmoor Art Academy - Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

In 1919, the Broadmoor Art Academy was founded with a vision of creating a new art institution of national stature. The Academy was originally located in a converted mansion on the corner of Cascade and Dale in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The building had previously been the home of the school's founders, Spencer and Julie Penrose - the owners of the Broadmoor Hotel. Art instructors and students alike brought their diverse styles and talents to Colorado, lured by the exquisite landscapes that only the west affords.

The Academy engaged prominent artists as instructors including John F. Carlson, Robert Reid, Birger Sandzén, Ernest Lawson, Boardman Robinson, George Biddle, Randall Davey, Ernest Fiene, and Peppino Mangravite. These artists helped to attract a diverse student body and to garner recognition for the Broadmoor Art Academy in the American Art centers of the East and Midwest.

In 1934, the Academy moved in to a new expansive facility with classrooms, studios, a performing arts theater, music room, library, and a number of galleries. From that point forward, the Academy became known as the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

Although it appeared toward the end of the heyday of American art colonies, the Broadmoor Academy and its successor institution, the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, functioned for more than a generation as an important cultural center in the Rocky Mountain West. It was a nationally recognized art colony on par with those in Santa Fe, Taos, Woodstock and Provincetown.

This page illustrates works of art created by many of the artists who were associated with the Broadmoor Academy during their careers.

Charles Bunnell 1897-1968
Untitled (Manitou Colorado with Pikes Peak View), circa 1928-1929
22 ¼ x 26 ¼ inches
Reference: 25856
Ernest Lawson 1873-1939
Little Ranch, Colorado, circa 1925-1930
12 x 16 inches
Reference: 26421
Adolf Dehn 1895-1968
Ouray, Colorado (Ghost Town), 1941
19 ½ x 27 ¾ inches
Reference: 27007
Jenne Magafan 1916-1952
Deserted Street, 1946
24 x 30 inches
Reference: 25885
Ethel Magafan 1916-1993
Springtime (Mountain Landscape), circa 1960
30 x 48 inches
Reference: 26114
Charles Bunnell 1897-1968
Untitled (New York), 1951
30 x 12 inches
Reference: 13378
Charles Bunnell 1897-1968
Untitled (Sacred Family), circa 1950
23 ½ x 18 ¾ inches
Reference: 24584
Doris Lee 1905-1983
Untitled (Colorado Mountain Town)
12 x 22 ½ inches
Reference: 25826
Storm Over Victor (Colorado Mountain Town), 1946
24 x 18 inches
Reference: 25869
Untitled (Colorado Rocks and Trees), 1946
23 ¾ x 30 ¼ inches
Reference: 25874
Victor, Colorado, 1942
29 ¾ x 32 ½ inches
Reference: 18920
Ward Lockwood 1894-1963
Untitled, circa 1960
mixed media,
16 ½ x 21 inches
Reference: 14890
Charles Bunnell 1897-1968
The Way War First Comes, 1940
15 ¼ x 24 ½ inches
Reference: 25859
Charles Bunnell 1897-1968
Untitled, 1956
18 ¾ x 23 ¾ inches
Reference: 13411
Frederick Shane 1906 - 1992
Artists Sketching (California), 1949
20 ¼ x 29 ¾ inches
Reference: 21678
Charles Bunnell 1897-1968
Untitled (Abstract Expressionist Composition in Yellow & Blue), 1958
29 ¾ x 23 ¾ inches
Reference: 19547