Classic Period Southeastern Beaded Sash

Creek Indian beaded sash, 19th century beaded native american sash, beaded sash with red and black
Classic Period Southeastern Beaded Sash
second quarter of the 19th century
mixed media
139 x 2 ¾ inches
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Exquisitely beaded in a classic vegetal motif with No. 16 and No. 22 faceted seed beads in shades of light blue, pink, white, light brown, pumpkin and brass on a floral patterned brown silk fabric all edged in very finely woven cotton with a muslin backing; the long fringe is woven of native handspun wool in natural shades of light brown and indigo blue with a raveled red wool dyed with a mixture of lac and cochineal; the edges are beaded in white Pony Trader beads with a tassel at each terminal.

David Morris Sadler (collected during or before the Civil War)
Charles Boone Sadler, Sr. (1883-1973), La Crescenta, CA (by descent from above)
Charles Boone Sadler, Jr., (b. 1914), Baltimore, MD (by descent from above)

Measures 139 inches overall and 25 3/4 inches for the belt portion

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